Monopoly Emergency Medical Services Edition

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The chase is on to be the top cop!

The AED is charged up and you are ready to bring your patient back to life as you round the board to win the special Emergency Medical Services edition of MONOPOLY, presented by JEMS.

As you buy, sell and trade your favorite properties, you'll need to muster all of your protocols, skills and EMS know-how to outwit your fellow EMTs, medics and responders to take command of all the EMS Stations and Hospitals you can afford. If you succeed, not only will countless lives be saved and tragedies averted, but you can claim your place as the Top Responder ... until the next game anyway.

Take a roll of the dice to cut through Hemorrhage Highway and head for Intubation Intersection before your victim goes into shock. You could win big if you recognize early symptoms of a stroke or go directly to Jail if you falsified your credentials and get your license revoked when you pick up a Trauma or Vitals card. And just remember, going to Jail in this game is like having to clean the rig after the big call, so treat your patients well and your crew better as you enjoy this special Emergency Medical Services Edition of the world's most popular board game, MONOPOLY.

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